is a global winery and that makes and distributes delicious, rare wine at prices unavailable anywhere else. They build direct relationships with vineyards and farmers to make exceptional small lot wines at prices impossible to achieve at retail, match them up to your palate, and deliver them directly to you. 

The company transports wine in reusable totes to a centralized bottling and distribution facility, avoiding the significant carbon impact of added weight and wasted space of transporting finished wine in bottle. Club W actively supports growers and winemakers that practice sustainable farming and winemaking. Whenever possible opting for organically grown grapes and minimal intervention in production. Featuring a number of biodynamic, vegan and otherwise sustainably farmed and vinted wines.


production artist // graphic designer

I worked alongside a full design, copywriting, and video department designing new products, and finding innovative ways to market them. the company believed heavily in transparency, allowing me to learn about every aspect of the business.

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